"The mental flexibility of the wise [person] permits [them] to keep an open mind and enables [them] to readjust [themselves] whenever it becomes necessary for a change."
| Malcolm X

     If this so-called Negro would channel his wealth into business enterprises and create employment or create businesses that would provide employment then our problem would be solved. But as a rule, in most Negro communities across the country the only thing you’ll find Negroes building are Negro churches. An example: In Long Island the white man bought a city block. He built a huge supermarket on it. It creates job opportunities for about three or four hundred people. Now in the next block, believe it or not, the Negroes got together and bought it and built a million dollar church. Now here this church provides a job only for the preacher; it provides clothing and shelter only for this Negro preacher. Now if this Negro preacher has the ingenuity that it takes to raise a million dollars or to finance a million dollar project, but the only thing he can finance is a church, it’s a problem. If you notice, white people in their neighborhoods build factories, they build schools, they build everything, and then they also build churches. But the Negro leadership, especially the religious leadership, has actually committed a crime almost in encouraging our people to build churches. But at the same time we never build schools; we never build factories; we never build businesses; we never build housing and things that will solve our problem.

Zoot Suits

Zoot Suit Dance.


Black Lotus, La Xicana

True Blue, Pachuco style!

Newspaper illustration of a “Zoot Suiter”, 1957.

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